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URBASTYLE TEAM MEMBER: Michaël Adriaenssens

Identity: Michaël Adriaenssens
Age: 43
Seniority at URBASTYLE: 13 yrs
Task: Responsible for finishings sector and loading

Opinion on URBASTYLE:
A small company making big things! Proud to work for the worldwide exportation: Dubai, USA, Denmark, ... 

Which future for precast concrete street furniture?
It will renew itself again and again, we will always need it, concrete is is a fragile material to manipulate and requiring a lot of care, but once it is setup and taken care of, it will last decades.

A message for clients, contacts, relations, designers who choose to work with URBASTYLE?
You really made a good choice! We really do everything to satisfy us from our side. In our factory, the finish of precast concrete street furniture is very very important, done by hand. Much more neat and nicer than most of our competitors and this makes our specificity, strength and pride.