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Pukkelpop Festival - Docking Station by Roel Vandebeek

Try to feel nothing - in an environment of everything.

Looking for a way out on a thrilling but crowded and noisy music festival?
A few moments of pure nothingness in an environment of everything?
Docking Station is the place to be.

Inspired by musician and artist Stijn Meuris and created by international designer Roel Vandebeek, Docking Station is shaped and constructed to get in touch with all your senses. It's part of a bigger project called "Objet Portrait" in which people's identity is sublimated by Roel  into new - household - objects. Docking Station is a sturdy but elegant beacon of wellbeing. It's a odd-looking object, a temporary haven of isolation.

The sheer shape of Docking Station - with its slightly upward arching lines and harmonic outlines - and the use of pure concrete gives the user, who has to lay down in its inner bends, a feeling of - mind - control and comfort. Ideal in a crowded backstage while on tour, with al of your senses working overtime.

So, look up at the sky and let Docking Station do the rest.