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Michaël Cravatte

Michaël Cravatte

Michaël Cravatte - Poside

Michaël Cravatte is a Belgian strategic designer and eco-designer working to develop companies as a whole: products, services, image, development, vision, innovation, management, access for all (universal design), people, communication, relations, ... He has an international background of industrial and global design with management skills. He teached Project Management and Team Management in Master Level at ISD Valenciennes and teaches Sustainable Development, Eco-design of companies and products at Inghenia Valenciennes. He also provides trainings to other companies. To complete, the profile, he is General Secretary of Union of Designers in Belgium (UDB) and member of AFD (Alliance Française des Designers). 

He made a strategic design study for URBASTLE with 3POD program
He helps as consultant to integrate design and designers at URBASTYLE.

Exceptionally, he designs a few limited elements for URBASTYLE.

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