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Standard colours and finishings for Urbastyle Products

Our standard colours are:

  • White
  • Grey
  • Anthracite
  • Yellow

The finishing of the surface is very important. 
At URBASTYLE, you can choose from:


On completion of the forming process, the concrete surface does not receive any additional treatment. Only the cement skin is visible, not the aggregates.​


After the curing period, the surface is shot-blasted, allowing aggregates to appear. This finish allows a light roughness to the surface.


After the curing period, the hard layer at the surface is grinded away with diamond grinders to expose the aggregates. This finish creates an even surface. 


After the curing period, the hard layer at the surface is grinded away with diamond grinders to expose the 
aggregates with diamond grinders. Afterwards the surface is shot-blasted. This finish creates a matte, slightly rough structure.


We can apply a strong relief to the cement elements up to several centimeters or just a light relief texture effect with another process. In such way, your concrete can create impressive designs or even imitate wood or rock or a specific pattern.
"Be unique!"

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At URBASTYLE, we work following your requests and dimensions.

We can adapt some of our moulds, patterns, designs to meet your needs. This is an extremely powerful tool for architects and designers. You can design a model that complements existing family elements in our inspiration catalogs or create new ones!


  •  Extra large or special dimensions 
  • Special shapes starting from one piece
  • Inclusion of specific stones, materials, phosphorescent, ... 
  • Special mixes (recycled materials, fibers, ...) 
  • Custom Paintings 
  • Rumble strips 
  • Colors 
  • Finishings 
  • Sandblasting of special designs 
  • Special varnishes 
  • 3D Textures 
  • Inclusion of letters, colors, signs embedded in concrete 
  • Inclusion of lighting, LEDs, sound, smart grids, special equipment (screen, ...) 
  • Tactile paving for the visually impaired 
  • Special design for handles, backrest 
  • Special printed stickers for concrete 
  • Concrete suitable for fountains 
  • Combination of these options 
  • ... 

Contact-us! We will do our best to provide the best answers to your requests. 

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A building or development of exception can be damaged by the weather, erosion or an accident. There are specialized services for restoration in the original material. But at URBASTYLE, we sometimes also work on special parts that require serial reproducibility.

It is the case for example of the Expo 58 fountain in Brussels that we have completely refurbished with new elements created on the basis of the ancient ones that were worn by time, weather, water... 

You want to renovate railway station platforms, canal or dock edges? We use colored architectural concrete that can be an alternative to natural stone or wood. You have inherited a carved stone designed by Victor Horta for example and you want to duplicate for a new building, we can think about it...

If you have a special project where we could help you, do not hesitate to contact us!

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Design advices

At URBASTYLE, we know maybe more than anyone architectural concrete for street furniture. This experience is the fruit of many years of work, trials, errors, challenges and successes in all conditions!

If you are a designer, architect, urban architect or landscape architect, sometimes there are rules and standards, best practices to do, we can give you a professional opinion and advices on your drawings, plans, projects, before starting a tender or a production.

Please contact us and ask us for an offer. This can make all the difference!

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On site expertise

Our main work is to produce in our factory and to ship our products straight to the final site of use. The relation with our customers is important, we provide high quality products that will last in time at adapted price. We work with qualified partners. We trust our customers and qualified contractors that follow our recommendations. 

However, degradations, accidental or not, can happen. We have a team to assess the situation, provide expertise, on-site assistance, repair or make a quote for the replacement of the damaged element.

We provide the follow-up!

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Special series

You are unique and you wish a special serie only for you, your city, your company, contact us! Concrete is an amazing material, time resistant, you can mark your era for years. A special serie is extra added value!

A specific furniture for sport, for safety for architecture for parks and gardens? A reissue of a rare street furniture that you want to reproduce or duplicate in concrete?


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Lighting - Signage

Street furniture faces traffic, either pedestrian or automobile. It must be noticed, can be used as a sign or to highlight something. We can integrate LED lines or spots straight from production to make them safety proof and with perfect finish. We can add reflective stickers, screens, luminescent materials, commercial or safety logos, information, letters, maps, ...

Only your imagination is limiting you! Think like concrete material and see the solid elements it brings you!

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Water requires a specific concrete and know-how. We have worked on projects that include or play with water: fountains, water jets, basins, pools, ...

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