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Alain Gilles

Alain Gilles

Elected 2012 Designer of the year by "Interieur biennal", "Knack Weekend" and "Le Vif Weekend" magazines, Gent "Design Museum", "Grand Hornu Images" and "Design September".

This designer from Brussels left the financial world for the design world.


"The modular side of some of my products is thought so that the final user, juxtaposing the elements in a random way generates a unique result."
- Alain Gilles

"Alain Gilles does not create wild design experiments. His merit is to design relevant furniture and  interior accessories. He is the perfect example of todays'designer taking his industrial responsibilities."
-  Lene Kemps, chief editor of Knack Weekend

 "Alain Gilles has been chosen as 2012 designer of the year for the ethical, industrial and aesthetical qualities of his creations.  His approach and innovating researches are very seducing. he found his way and he is for me one of the most productive and innovating Belgian designer of the year 2012."
-  Delphine Vercauteren, Design September

Products made by this designer