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2sympleks is a team of 3 industrial designers from Poland who won the international design competition "Precast concrete street furniture and Sport" setup by UDB (Union of Designers in Belgium), sponsored by URBASTYLE and with the support of Expoproof, organizer of Expo for Public Space in Brussels.

They are a young team of dynamic designers located in the centre of Warsaw. They represent the new generation of designers, educated and operating in a new-technology-friendly environment. They don’t just use these technologies as tools but also as unending source of inspiration. By working with their customers who are specialists in their own fields, they develop innovative solutions to convert their ideas into perfect consumer products.

2sympleks team is made of Jacek Morawski and Bartosz Wyżykowski – graduates of Faculty of Design of Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, and Piotr Blicharski – a graduate of Faculty of Architecture of Warsaw Technical University.