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Standing Seat Tube

Also named vertical seat or stand up seat.
Ideal for short waiting places like metro stations, bus stops, tram or railway platforms.
No possibility to leave something on curved surface or lay on the bench.


  • 50/Ø50/75 cm - 228 kg
  • 100/Ø50/75 cm - 456 kg
  • 150/Ø50/75 cm - 684 kg
  • 200/Ø50/75 cm - 910 kg


  • 4x M12
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Perimeter is easily noticeable with white cane.
This standing seat enables people to take a small rest without really sitting. Easy to stand up.
Volume is easily understandable and friendly for people with cognitive disabilities.

  • Waterproof and anti-graffiti protection.
  • Other colours on request.
  • Take into consideration a difference of colour on your screen or print-out in comparison with the reality. URBASTYLE cannot bear the responsability for differences due to print-out or digital media.

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