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This small Podster is designed to provide information either indoor or outdoor. You can engrave it, place a tablet, screen, place a sign on it or even fix a long panel on its back. It is removable if you use it for temporary exhibition. Children, people in wheelchair can reach it easily and read or use with ease.

It is a perfect product for touristic information in cities, in parks, in railway stations, alongside bicycle paths or promenades, in wet or humid areas, ...


  • 40x27x87 cm - 75 kg


  • Free standing
  • 2x M12
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This podster has been designed to answer all needs of people with disabilities in everyday life and is practical for public transportation, bicycle paths, promenades, ...

  • Waterproof and anti-graffiti protection.
  • Other colours on request.
  • Take into consideration a difference of colour on your screen or print-out in comparison with the reality. URBASTYLE cannot bear the responsability for differences due to print-out or digital media.

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