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Kerbstone bus GO 1.21


4 mm spacer included on the side.
Smooth concrete on landing side for the bus wheels.
Nonslippery top surface (diamondheads).

High resistance concrete

  • Bending strength: 6MPA-Class 3 - U
  • Compression strength: C35/45
  • Durability: EE3 (B)
  • Fire resistance: Incombustible Class A1
  • Thermal Conductivity: NPD
  • Sliding resistance >= 60 SRT
  • Freeze/Thaw resistance: Class 3 - D


Kerbstone bus GO 1.21


  • GO 1.21: 1000x280x360 - 180 kg
  • GO 4.21: 500x280x360/330 - 80 kg
  • GO 5.21: 500x280x360/330 - 80 kg
  • GO 7.18AF: 1000x280x330/290 - 156 kg
  • GO 7.18BF: 1000x280x330/290 - 156 kg
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These kerbstones are specially designed to allow wheels to approach as close as possible the bus stop and allow easy transfer of passengers, people with disabilities, women with babycar or even grocery bags on wheels.

  • Waterproof and anti-graffiti protection.
  • Other colours on request.
  • Take into consideration a difference of colour on your screen or print-out in comparison with the reality. URBASTYLE cannot bear the responsability for differences due to print-out or digital media.

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