Barbecue Butch

Butch barbecue has been designed for public spaces with high resistance and anti-theft function.
Enjoy cooking and cleaning with flat surfaces. Possibility to use only one half of the grill or full grill for big pieces.
Easy cleaning system by gravity and ashes collector.
We thought about your safety, you can even lift the grill with a cooking glove.

The complementary Butch table and Butch bench are perfect addition to Butch barbecue

The barbecue, table and the bench have been designed with accessibility in mind following URBASTYLE design strategy for people with disabilities.
One person with wheelchair is welcome at one end. People can easily sit and stand-up from the bench.
We have made everything so that you can enjoy a great time outdoor!

Butch Barbecue, design by De ferm - Vanderhenst with URBASTYLE design for the cooking element.


  • 184-107x70x82 cm - 1250 kg


  • Free standing
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Easy to manipulate also with cooking glove and to clean thanks to ashtray.
Perimeter is easily noticeable with white cane.
Ease of access and use for people in wheelchair.

  • Waterproof and anti-graffiti protection.
  • Other colours on request.
  • Take into consideration a difference of colour on your screen or print-out in comparison with the reality. URBASTYLE cannot bear the responsability for differences due to print-out or digital media.

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