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Khorfakkan Corniche

Location: Al Mudifi - Sharjah - United Arab Emirates
Design: Broadway Malyan

The first phase of the Khorfakkan Corniche project is done!
This new project involves the development of a Khorfakkan beach which includes the establishment of service facilities and world-class hospitality amenities to host recreational activities.
We produced and delivered 49 architectural concrete benches that are spread over this 85 000m² area.

This adds to the tourism appeal of Khorfakkan city and the east coast in general, which enjoys a list of natural landscapes, mountains, and climate.  The project has been divided into two phases.

The first phase of the project will include an Amphitheatre, a walkway overlooking the beach, a skating rink, sport courts, picnic areas, and children's playing area as per the highest international safety standards, restaurants, cafes, beachfront retail outlets and gardens that reflect Islamic architecture, showers, bathrooms and changing rooms facilities on the beach.

For the first phase we produced and delivered 12 straight Woodline benches, 17 sets of in & Out benches and 20 Galet benches in a very short period of 39 days.

Take a look at the pictures to see the result of the first phase.

Project Name: Khrofakkan Corniche Phase 1 – Sports, Beach & Central Plaza