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Joe Doucet installs anti-terror benches in New York's Times Square

Eleanor Gibson | 23 May 2019 New York designer Joe Doucet has created a 3D-printed concrete bench that also functions as a barrier to protect public spaces from vehicle-led terrorist attacks. Doucet's des...

Urbastyle is on Times Square!

TIMES SQUARE DESIGN LAB New ideas for public space   The 2019 Design Lab New York is a series of exciting partnerships. The debut of the Rely bench is a result of the design of New Yorker Joe Doucet, Victoria Milne of 6¢ design,...

New tactile platform edges with integrated LED for Gent Station

Brand new platform borders including a tactile part following standards and LED spots inserted at production. URBASTYLE has already several famous references and is the specialist of such large elements and works with SNCB-NMBS / NS / is SNCF certifi...

A pavement with perspective in Marexhe Herstal (Belgium)

Light contrast of shapes, colours, customized concrete elements made by URBASTYLE give some new perspective to outdoor projects!

Very nice project with LED-Line benches in St-Omer

In St-Omer, LED-Line benches have been installed for the most beautiful effect, inviting and reassuring passengers waiting for their train or friends.

Project in the spotlight - Ostend Zeeheldenplein

The square was recently renovated. UrbaStyle made walls, benches, seats and big size slabs for the fountain area. 

Awards Ceremony 2015: Design Competition, Precast Concrete Urban Furniture and Sport

Discover some pictures of the Awards Ceremony of the International Design Competition, Precast Concrete Urban Furniture & Sport 2015. More than 74 entries from 33 countries for a first edition! Poland made history!!!  The jury, judging...

From TL mag: Wallonia Design presents its the 3rd Wallonia corporate design

Reference from TL Mag on Wallonia Design publication where URBASTYLE is presented. http://blog.tlmagazine.be/2015/02/wallonia-design-presents-third-volume-wallonia-corporate-design/