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Safe public places

In public places, thresholds and stairs should always be sufficiently marked so that disabled people know what is coming.  This can be done through colour contrast, difference in finish, texture and structure. UrbaStyle offers all these options...

Work in progress - New Promenade in Middelkerke (BE)

For the construction of the new promenade in Middelkerke (BE), we are producing and supplying 430 lm flood protection embankments with special reinforcement and 430 lm benches in fine sandblasted concrete. In addition, we have already delivered 10,0...

DEDALE, our latest product in our range

We are proud to announce to you our latest product in our range. The combination of the partially grooved surface, the hexagonal shape and its modularity creates the unique design of the Dedale paving slab. SEE THE PRODUCTPAGE FOR ALL INFORMA...

Short TV report about Urbastyle on the local TV channel

Short TV report about #urbastyle on the local TV channel Belgium Tap link below to discover the video  

Covered concrete bench, Schaerbeek, Brussels

We had the honor of collaborating with Neys & Partners and  MSA architecture for the creation of a covered concrete bench which is currently located on the Place Portaels in Schaerbeek, Brussels. In order to obtain this color, w...

Radical Facelift for the Scheldt Quays in Antwerp, Belgium!

Radical facelift for the Scheldt Quays in the city of Antwerp in Belgium. The first phase of this project is finished. We produce and delivered lighted bollards and Float concrete benches all in the same color as the floor made of natural stone tiles...

Nuton benches for the Dubai English Speaking College

The students and teachers of the Dubai English Speaking College can enjoy a break during sunny days on one of the Nuton benches that we have just delivered! For more information about this project click here

New Galet benches in Ontario Canada

Seven Galet benches have been delivered to the John Rebecca Park in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. They are set in the south side of the grassy area, to be used while children and pets run free.