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Design Lab TQS // United States of America

Times Square Design Lab (TSqDL), now in its second year, is a design initiative that brings new ideas for public space onto the Broadway Plazas during the celebration of NYCxDESIGN. This year, solutions for seating, signage, storage, and more will appear on the plazas — including new designs, designs that have been altered from their appearance last year, and even one restored design first created in 1966. These innovations by designers Joe Doucet, Victoria Milne for 6¢ Design, Saša Mächtig, Louis Lim, Doug Fanning for DYAD, Brad Ascalon, and Hive Public Space embody New York’s creative spirit and provide unique solutions for an improved pedestrian experience in the destination that boasts 350,000 to 450,000 visitors a day.  Times Square Design Lab is curated and produced by Victoria Milne, 6¢ Design.