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Benjamin Pawlica // France

"A poetic designer with an atypical universe!"

Navigating in a poetical universe of his own, the French Benjamin PAWLICA is a creator without borders, he likes to explore the various horizons of design, in perpetual quest of fresh ideas to use.

With a mind constantly burgeoning with new concepts, this designer is aware of the critical impact of the production on the environment. He is active to create designs in harmony with nature and to create concepts blooming with sense, imbued with soul and justified by other qualities than simply aesthetics.  

He likes to go off-road and to create "out of the line", he has an unusual look on hte world surrounding him, taking time to observe in details what nobody takes time to admire anymore. He also takes a very close attention to utility and function of his creations as well as to the "positive vibrations they emit". 

For him: "A successful product is a subtile blend of its functional, formal aspect, and its own sensibility."

His goal: "To create with sense!"