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Standard colours and finishings for Urbastyle Products

Our standard colours are:

  • White
  • Grey
  • Anthracite
  • Yellow

The finishing of the surface is very important. 
At URBASTYLE, you can choose from:

Fair faced
The surface coming out of the mold is left untouched, showing only the concrete skin and not the aggregates.
"It requires great care from the production because it is impossible to touch-up the part once unmolded."

Micro etched
The cement skin at the surface of concrete is removed, allowing aggregates to appear. This finishing provides also a light roughness to the aggregates. 
"Usually the best compromise price/quality with a very nice matt finish."

The cement skin of the hardened concrete surface is removed by polishing with thinner and thinner grains, in two succesive steps in the case of light colours and three steps in case of dark colours. This allows the aggregates to show-up. Afterwards, the possible small cavities at the concrete surface are filled-up to receive a super smooth finish.
"A high-end finishing, shiny, smooth, very easy to clean."

The cement skin of the concrete surface is removed in a special way allowing natural aggregates to appear and providing a satin aspect to the surface. This treatment gives a beautiful elegance. It really seems that you are touching velvet.
"The high end finishing, the surface is polished, then we apply a satin like finishing making it very smooth to touch."

We can apply a strong relief to the cement elements up to several centimeters or just a light relief texture effect with another process. In such way, your concrete can create impressive designs or even imitate wood or rock or a specific pattern.
"Be unique!"