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Breakthrough: "Park of the Senne"


"Park of the Senne" is in fact a new way for pedestrians and cyclists to go in safety from Schaerbeek to Brussels. It is not without reminding the "High-Line" of New-York, the path that uses a former train line in Manhattan.

In Belgium, we already redesigned such lines far long before NY. In this case, the "Park of the Senne" is redesigning the area covering the Senne river going through Brussels. It was never done before and it has been done with maestria by the Landscape-Architects-Urbanists-Designers-Engineers and the city, the environment promotion and protection organisations, with large concrete FASONADO Velvet slabs produced by URBASTYLE, wooden street furniture and a lot of vegetation. Judge by yourself. This project could win a few awards! Who knows...

A beautiful project created by "La Compagnie du Paysage".